NJ Liquor, Phoenix, AZ

Empire Liquor, Phoenix, AZ

Hatcher Liquor, Phoenix, AZ

Food and Things, Scottsdale, AZ

Tower Liquor, Phoenix

Fox Cigars, Mesa, AZ

Track Liquor, Phoenix, AZ

AZ Market & Liquor, Phoenix, AZ

Greenway Liquor, Glendale, AZ

Bell Tower, Phoenix, AZ

Jerry's Drive In Liquor, Tempe, AZ

Cactus Market, Glendale, AZ

M&D Market, Scottsdale, AZ

Cork & Bottle, Phoenix, AZ

Customer Testimonials

I have used GDIS for 11 years.  Mike is the best in the business.
  Gina Gill,
  ampm Owner, multiple sites in CA, NV & AZ

GDIS is punctual, reliable, fast and accurate.  I can’t imagine using any other auditing service.
  Tajinder Singh,
  ampm Owner, Tucson & Gilbert, AZ

Mike and his team are excellent at what they do.  Their experience, integrity and skill are unmatched in this industry.
  Sunil Patel,
  ampm Owner, Chandler, AZ

Great Dane helped me reduce my losses by targeting problem areas.
  Phil Butler,
  Chevron Store Manager & Site Advisor, Phoenix & Chandler, AZ

I have used many different auditing services in the past and was always the most satisfied with Great Dane.
  Cindy Rodriguez,
  Circle K Manager, Phoenix, AZ

GDIS is the best inventory service provider around.
  Tim Gaffney,
  Takar Oil & ampm Bookkeeper/Accountant, Phoenix, AZ

I’ve used several different inventory companies in the past with varying results.  GDIS can always be counted on for quick and accurate counts.
  Gus Haikl,
  Tower Liquor & Greenway Liquor Manager, Phoenix, AZ

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Who We Serve

GDIS serves clients in Arizona, Nevada and California, and we expect to expand to other parts of the country in the near future.

GDIS currently serves the following companies:

In addition, the following is a list of some of the local clients that we are proud to serve: