Great Dane Inventory Service, LLC (owner)
Since 2005

Reliant Inventory Service, Inc. (family business)
2004 - 2005

Central Ohio Inventory Service, LLC (co-owner)
1996 – 2004

Central Ohio Inventory Service (family business)
1983 – 1996

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About Great Dane Inventory Service

A great inventory company is built on knowledge and experience... GDIS has both.  Michael began inventory at an early age, helping his father who started an inventory service in the 1960’s.  This type of hands-on education enabled Michael to become a pro just like his father.  The following is a brief listing of Michael’s more than 25 years’ auditing experience:

Why hire Great Dane Inventory Service?

Michael Gillispie,



  • Savings.  GDIS can save you more than the cost of our service.  In order to reduce inefficiencies, they must first be identified. We can help identify those inefficiencies so that they can be reduced and even eliminated.  When you call on GDIS, you will have a greater sense of control over your inventory.
  • Experience.  With over 25 years of auditing experience, Michael Gillispie, the owner of GDIS, understands the specific needs of his retail customers.  Mike has helped his customers maintain accurate records, identify ways to reduce inefficiencies, and increase their bottom line.
  • Quality.  GDIS has a proven track record.  In the pages that follow, we invite you to consider the evidence of our reputation for accurate, efficient service.
  • Ability.  GDIS has handled the inventories of convenience stores, gas stations, liquor stores, auto parts stores and other retailers.